Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buy Herbal Incense Online

buy herbal incense online
Buying Herbal Incense online has become a hassle for so many people around the US that many have given up. 

Herbal Incense used to be so much more available than it is today. For most people, buying herbal incense used to be as easy as going to the gas station or local head shop, but now due to law enforcement cracking down buying herbal incense online is now the only choice for many.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to weed out (no pun intended) all of the trashy online distributors. By that I mean the ones who sell zero chem or who take weeds (if ever) to ship a product. 

First here are some herbal incense companies that I would highly recommend staying away from online. 

herbal incense

1. Underground Herbs is an on and off website. One day there site is up and running and the next, it is down for weeks. If you want reliable and constant service this one is a definite no no. 

buy herbal incense
2. Incense Center seems like an amazing site to buy herbal incense online because they have a great selection and even greater prices. The problem, all of their blends are clearly knock-offs and less than half as potent as they should be.
herbal incense online
3. Supreme Incense is on the list of companies to avoid because they are the exact same company as Incense Center operating under a new domain name to try and fool all of the unsatisfied customers that have purchased from them into making yet another purchase.

So where should you buy herbal incense online? It's simple, after 5 years of searching, there is only 2 companies that are worth buying spice online from.

herbal incense for sale

1. Incense Today offers the widest selection of herbal incense blends, at the lowest price to buy online. They also have huge 50-75 percent off sales almost every single month. EDIT: OUT OF BUSINESS
buy incense online

2. sells old school blends like Spice Gold for a great price. Buy 2 get 1 free sale goes on most of the time. Potent products!

Now you know where to buy herbal incense online without the hassle!

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